Originally calling Alberta and Ontario home, this Halifax songstress has manufactured a sound that is anything but “just” singer-songwriter. Lush arrangements and restrained vocals create a haunting ambiance. Warm guitar tones, brooding melodies and remarkable tenor are the cornerstones of Lauren’s sound. Her songs are laced with themes of human behaviour and adaptation, and are delivered with thoughtful and charismatic performances. Gianna’s 4th album, the highly-anticipated Moving Parts is out on Forward Music Group in Canada April 28, 2017.

One of canada’s most thought-provoking songwriters announces the upcoming release of her 4th and most ambitious album to date. Moving Parts is an arresting collection of moody temperments and songs about human troubles. The full-length effort from Gianna Lauren reunites the beloved band from the critically acclaimed On Personhood for a compelling performance and sinister tales of outer space, wounded souls, broken bridges, and burnt out feelings. Songs are inspired by highway drives, scotch and cigars, late night chats, and leather wingback chairs.

Moving Parts is a compelling testament to the band’s chemistry and dedication. Operating a band with 2000km distance in-between members equals a great deal of moving parts. With Lauren in Halifax and the rest of the band in Ontario, regularly seeing one another and working together is difficult to achieve. As opposed to their previous collaboration which was recorded live-off-the-floor, Moving Parts was recorded in 3 studios, 2 provinces, and sporadically over 5 months. Over 4 years following the release of On Personhood, the band, who are all active full-time musicians and sound engineers, took on other projects, employment opportunities, and big tours, making it more and more challenging to come together. As a result of scheduling conflicts, Gianna hesitated to release the album at all. “The challenges to making this band work forced me to re-think whether this band should even release an album,” Lauren says. “So I buried it.” The band is J.J. Ipsen (Hayden, J.J. Ipsen and the Paper Crown), Justin Nace (Andy Shauf, The Wooden Sky, Jenn Grant), and Marshall Bureau (Jill Barber, Great Lake Swimmers).

Each song on Moving Parts channels a measured but mighty groove, yet occasionally surprises by shifting to psych-folk on the catchy NPR-embraced “Mistakes” and “Innkeeper”’s thrashy guitar punk. Gianna’s signature idle vocal tenor and cadence is particularly highlighted on “Will You Come” and the dreamy reverb-soaked “Death & Beauty.” “Take It Slow” was recorded live-off-the-floor with Daniel Ledwell (Jenn Grant, Justin Rutledge) moments after Gianna got the news that one of her mentors was walking and hit by a car and died, but the lyrics tell the story of Gianna’s grandfather’s demise of an early and tragic death. The moment is captured in the recording. Despite the album’s darker material, the band shows their warmth in the tropical tones on the downbeat “Tricks” which breaks open into a liberated vindication.

Throughout the changing temperatures of Moving Parts, the band maintains a cohesive state of marvel and Lauren’s voice maintains a cool assurance, delicate but showcasing a new kind of vigor. Revived energy and momentum about the project and encouragement about the record convinced the group to finally release it. “I miss my band! Releasing it feels like a tribute, a and a way to bring us back together,” Lauren shares.

In April 2015, following a 4-week independent music residency at The Banff Centre for the Arts, Gianna’s new single “Mistakes” premiered in Canada and the US, and was featured on NPR’s popular music program “All Songs Considered.” One of Canada’s most thought-provoking songwriters announces the upcoming release of her fourth and most ambitious album to date on Forward Music Group. Moving Parts is an explosive collection of material and by far the most compelling in her repertoire of atmospheric pop-rock. The full-length effort reunites the beloved band from the critically acclaimed On Personhood (2013) and the group burst from every sonic pigeonhole with a compelling performance. Each song on Moving Parts is a journey between psych-folk on the catchy “Mistakes” and dreamy swagger on the reverb-soaked “Death and Beauty.” The band thrashes and verges on punk-rock with “Innkeeper” and embraces warm tropical tones on the downbeat “Tricks.” Throughout the myriad Moon brings, Lauren’s voice maintains a cool steadiness, delicate but occasionally showcasing a new kind of vigor. Moving Parts was recorded in the winter at Lake Echo Studios in Nova Scotia with Daniel Ledwell (Jenn Grant) and House of Miracles in Ontario with Andy Magoffin (Constantines, Two-Minute Miracles).

In 2014 Gianna broke into the European market by releasing On Personhood on the label ‘proper’, and successfully toured (both solo and with a band) through England and Western Europe, including showcases at The Great Escape Festival, Reeperbahn, and Liverpool Sound City.

Gianna has showcased in Canada at Halifax Pop Explosion, Pop Montreal, Sled Island, Nova Scotia Music Week, North by NorthEast, and shared stages with the likes of Cold Specks, Julie Doiron, Jim Bryson, Al Tuck, Christina Martin, Jon McKiel, Jenn Grant, By Divine Right, The Olympic Symphonium, Snailhouse, and David Myles.


“Gianna’s songs are delicate and somber, yet hopeful. She channels the spirits of early Joni Mitchell and contemporary P.J. Harvey.” – Earshot Online

“And while each melody channels vivid emotion, undoubtedly the star of the show are Gianna’s smoky vocals. The gunshot rhythms and sexy slink of the strings of “Le Vent Marin” give Gianna the platform to stand out front of the mix as a sultry front woman, but her voice is so crisp and precise that she can bend her sound to fit a staggering range.” – Herohill

“…songs are writ large with atmospheric sounds that give a heavy mood to observations on life and love in the time of technology.” – Ottawa Citizen

“Equal parts Cocteau Twins, Beth Orton and Sufjan Stevens, this gauzy leadoff track [‘Become What You Can’t Be’} to one of the season’s most intriguing albums is notable for a sonic template that’s unusually adventurous, especially for a singer-songwriter album.” – Toronto Star

“Not so much a delicacy as a well-earned moment of delicate repose. Not so much a tearjerker as a fearless, tearful stare straight at the small challenges of displacement, adaptation and love. Gianna’s music, full of melody and candor, can sneak up on you. Her most recent album, Some Move Closer, Some Move On gracefully borrows ambiance from many eras while remaining a clear statement from a young woman whose radical nature is more luscious than lurid.” – Southern Souls

RIYL: Sharon von Etten, Julie Doiron and the Wooden Stars, Cat Power, Sailhouse/Michael Feuerstack, Broken Social Scene, Angel Olsen, Cat Power, Waxahatchee